How to Make Good Use of your old Phone or Tablet

Since so many people upgrade to a new smart phone or tablet every couple of years (or every couple of months in some cases!) it is easy to think about your old mobile phone or tablet as being disposable. People often stop short of outright throwing their old devices out; instead these pieces of technology wind up in a drawer somewhere just collecting dust. But you can still get a lot of good use out of your old device, even if you have already upgraded to the latest-greatest model.

Here are some things to consider before you junk that old smart phone or tablet…

Use it as a Digital Photo Album

Why let all of those photo files pile up on your new phone, when it is easy to transfer your archived photographs to your old smart phone? Since you won’t be running any apps or other memory hogs on your old phone, you can simply pop in a new memory card and use the old phone as a photo album for your digital photographs. Some people even turn their old tablets into digital photo frames. There are apps you can use that will use your digital photographs in a slideshow. You can set up the tablet on a table and have a constantly refreshing view of all your favorite pictures.

A Security Camera

You don’t have to fork out for a total home security system to monitor a room or other small area of your home. With a smart phone that is connected to the Internet, it is easy to set up a simple security camera. There are free apps out there that let you turn Android or Apple devices into security cameras. The app to get for Android devices is called Salient Eye. To use your iPhone as a security camera, look for the Manything app. Both of these apps are free and can help you to make your home a more secure place to live.

Keep the Kids Happy

It is not just adults and teens that love using gadgets; little ones love playing on phones and tablets too! If you have a child who constantly begs to use your mobile device, you can use the old phone or tablet to keep them happy and content. Old phones can be used to allow kids to read eBooks and to play fun games. You can easily tweak the security settings to keep your little one protected while playing, and if the phone happens to get broken, it is not going to be a huge loss. There are even apps, like Famigo, that allow parents to shut the phone off when the kids are not allowed to be playing.

Use it to Catch up on Reading

Old tablets can be used as your go-to eBook reader. Amazon has made a Kindle app available for both Apple and Android devices, so you can read your entire Amazon library without taking up additional space on your new device. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can find tons of free book titles available at the website of your local library.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade to the latest tablet or smart phone. But don’t simply get rid of your old device when the time comes to upgrade. Use some of the ideas from this article to get even more life out of your old mobile device. Even the older generations of technology can still prove to be very valuable if you put a bit of thought into how to repurpose those gadgets.

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